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Your Certified Negotiation Expert Realtor

I AM a Certified Negotiation Expert Realtor

In the Spring of 2020, when COVID 19 first became a huge concern, and business and social interactions as we knew them were completely altered, I decided to invest in my Business in a way that I knew would be of utmost value to both my Buyer and Seller Clients.

For a long time, I had wanted to take part in the very well renowned Nature of Real Estate Certified Negotiation Expert Training.  However, in the past, being an in-person training course, it was very difficult for me to take time away from not only my real estate business, but also from my small hobby farm and 3 dogs- going away wasn’t as simple as turning the key and leaving for a few days.

That all changed with COVID, when suddenly excellent online learning opportunities were readily available.

Earning the Certified Negotiation Expert designation has been a game changer for me and my Real Estate business.  

It allows me to negotiate on behalf of my Clients in a skilled and strategic manner.

I’ve always been extremely attentive to how important negotiations are in Real Estate, and how other peoples negotiation and communication styles impact any final outcome, BUT, investing more time into learning about working with those different styles and types has been hugely beneficial on many different levels.

My 3 biggest take aways as a Certified Negotiation Expert Realtor that I want you to understand are:

  • Taking a strong and heavy handed approach to ‘winning’ a negotiation is seldom beneficial to either party.
  • Communication styles and negotiation skills that work well in one set of circumstances are not necessarily going to work in the next scenario.
  • Taking the time to really listen and understand all sides of a negotiation is of the utmost importance.

As Realtors, we ARE professional negotiators every single time that we represent a Client.

Let that sit for a minute.


Always hire a Professional Realtor


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