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Real Estate Contracts: Get it in Writing, Be Specific

When it comes to negotiating real estate contracts, and just about anything for that matter, it is very important to get every point in writing. Being as clear and as concise as possible in the language that we use on real estate  contracts is critical.  Seasoned Real Estate Professionals know that vague clauses on contracts […]

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The Escape Clause, AKA ‘The Bump Clause’

Sometimes conditional offers have within their conditions an ‘escape clause’.  An escape clause is commonly found when there are conditions within an offer that will take longer than the typical 7-10 day time frame for the Buyer to meet.  A good example of this type of situation would be an offer conditional on the sale […]

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What Happens After you Accept an Offer

You’ve accepted an offer on your home, and you might be wondering what’s next? Offers to purchase can be either conditional or unconditional. If you have accepted an unconditional offer, that is fantastic!  You now have a legally binding firm sale and your Real Estate Agent will be excited to put the SOLD sign up!  […]

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Sale Pending; What it Means and What it does not Mean

It happens all of the time; the phone rings, and it’s a Buyer on the other end who has driven by a For Sale sign, is responding to an add in the Real Estate News, went to last weekends Open House, or was just perusing MLS looking for a new home.  This particular Buyer has […]

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