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Info for Sellers

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Selling Agent

So you’re ready to sell your home. Congratulations! First, you’ll want to review the Re/Max Seller’s Guide. Then, you’ll want to find a selling agent to help you with the selling process. Here’s why:

  1. Proper Representation:  Your selling agent is a trained professional, well versed and experienced in the selling process.  Your agent will provide insight and advice to you throughout the transaction.  He/She will work strictly on your behalf to screen prospects, make appointments, and organize showings.  They will ensure proper disclosures are made, and will oversee the proper completion of all documentation and contracts, as well as deposits, legal details, and the closing process in general.
  2. Pricing Strategy:  Your selling agent has very extensive experience within your market, not only with current trends, but also with historical trends.  They are well versed in local supply/demand, as well as the condition of comparable properties on the market or recently sold comparables.  Your selling agent will review this data with you and use it in combination with their experiences to develop an effective pricing strategy.
  3. Increase Appeal:  Your selling agent can help you to increase the appeal and value of your home by offering tips to reduce clutter, and improve curb appeal, ensuring that your home is fit to sell.
  4. Professional Marketing:  Your selling agent is skilled in properly marketing your property to attract and engage the right buyer, using a combination of traditional and online marketing resources.
  5. Professional Partnership: You are not a licensed professional, while your selling agent is.  There are many legal and logistical considerations that if overlooked can result in costly consequences.

Money Matters:  Costs of Selling Your Home

When you are in the process of determining whether or not to sell your home, you will of course want to understand what kinds of costs will be associated with the sale of your home.  Developing an understanding of your approximate net proceeds is important.

Closing costs that the sale of your home might be subject to are as follows;

  • Adjustments to take into account any pre-paid or outstanding fees such as property taxes, utilities, insurance, or condo fees.  Any expenses that you have pre-paid before the closing date are pro-rated.  The buyer will reimburse you for the period during which you no longer own the property.  Similarly, any expenses that you have not yet paid are also pro-rated and will be reimbursed by you to the buyer.
  • If the buyer is assuming your mortgage, adjustments will be made.
  • Real Estate commissions.
  • Legal and discharge fees.
  • Any outstanding mortgage balance and any applicable pre-payment penalties.
  • Taxes on professional fees.

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How I Work with Sellers

As your agent, it is my responsibility to represent your best interests, at all times, in everything from negotiating the best sales price and terms, ensuring that you understand what you are signing, and handling all the details involved in selling a home the right way from start to finish.

When you work with me, as a Seller, you can expect me to;

  • Meet with you at the onset to discuss and establish true market value for your home, and develop an effective pricing strategy.
  • Identify any opportunities for improvement to maximize value.  You can count on me to suggest solutions that will appeal to today’s buyers.
  • Advise you of the entire selling process, so that you know what to expect and are prepared.  I will make sure that you understand the importance of proper disclosures, agreements, representations, current and changing market conditions and trends, as well as that you understand what you are signing at all times.
  • Properly measure, photograph, and represent your home.
  • Create an effective and appealing marketing platform, including web, social media, print, and open houses.
  • Co-ordinate showings and screen potential buyers, and provide you with feedback after showings and open houses.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best price possible with the least amount of problems, throughout the offer process, home inspections, and any last minute issues that may come up.
  • Oversee the entire closing process to ensure that no details are slipping through the cracks.