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Preparing a Home for Sale

Preparing a Home for Sale

Preparing a home for sale is something that at this time of year, is on the minds of many.

Spring Market is almost here, and it is the perfect time to start polishing up your home in anticipation of showings and open houses.

Generally speaking, there are many things that should be addressed long before listing your home for sale.

General repairs, painting, and larger upgrades are all things that can be done several months before listing your home.

As we close in on Spring, there are many smaller things that Sellers should now be focusing on.

Now is the time to address small repairs and upgrades and any other things that could be detracting from the overall appearance of your home.

You will also want to start focusing on decluttering if you haven’t already, as well as depersonalizing the space and perhaps staging furniture in a more appealing fashion.

When preparing a home for sale, it is best to view the space from the eyes of a potential buyer.  Think about what type of buyer will most likely be attracted to your home, and then view your home from that buyers perspective.  Is it practical?  Will the space meet their needs?  Will it appeal to them on a visual level?  It is really important to look at your home objectively throughout this process.

When preparing an outdated home for sale, the following tips can be helpful!

When assessing your home’s overall condition- it can be helpful to follow a checklist, such as the following:

Checklists are a great way to ensure that you are not missing any potential areas of concern.

Before we know it, Spring Market will be here, and you will want to be prepared AND efficient!



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