The Fuzzy Little Face in the Window - Danielle Wilson

The Fuzzy Little Face in the Window

Ever wonder about the little face in the window?  I do, all the time.

I had a ton of fun today, delivering Client Appreciation Gifts this afternoon.  The weather was beautiful- so mild for January.  One of the things that I enjoy about these little ‘pop by’s’ is meeting your furry friends through the window.

They seem to sense that I’m a friend, not foe, these fuzzy little faces in the window.  I am rarely greeted with crazy barking.  Maybe it’s my tip toe manner as I approach the mailbox trying not to be as non disruptive as possible.

I saw the most dignified Boxer today, curled on his couch, in his palace, contemplating the world outside his picture window.  I wonder what type of cookies he likes.

I also saw, framed like a picture, high above, a pretty little cat- surely Queen of her palace!

Next time I do pop by’s, I will be including treats for my little fuzzy faced friends in the window!

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