Buyers; It's Time to Get MOVING!

Buyers; It’s Time to Get MOVING!

Buyers; if one of your goals for 2014 was to buy a new home, then you better get moving!  Finding the perfect home takes time, sometimes 6 months or longer!  It’s not uncommon in Thunder Bay (and many other market places) to not get the first home that you write an offer on, and sometimes not even the second or the third!

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to meet with a Mortgage Specialist to get your pre-qualification in order.  Lot’s of times when Spring hits, excited Buyers just starting out miss out on the perfect home because they are not ready yet.  They’ve gone to an open house, fallen in love with the home, and are then panic stricken to find out that offers are being accepted that night.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Avoid this situation entirely by getting your finances in order now!

2014 is already 3 months in; once you find the perfect home and your offer is accepted, there is a process to go through that just takes time.  Generally you will have submitted a conditional offer.  Once those conditions are met, most closings are within 30-60 days.  So, if you are wanting to move in and enjoy a bit of summer in your new home, it’s definitely time to ‘get it in gear’!

Spring Market is generally very hot, and this year should be no different.  Hundreds of Buyers and Sellers alike in our Thunder Bay market place are, as we speak, well into preparations to take advantage of this busy time.  For Buyers, there is a heck of a lot more selection and for Sellers, well, there are a lot more Buyers that want a home just like theirs.  For sure it will be a crazy time, but the effort will be well worth it when you can finally pick up the keys to your new home!

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