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Another Way; Reclaiming an Old Homestead

I recently represented Buyer Clients in their purchase of an old log house homestead. The property was beautiful, and at one time, this farm was bustling with productivity and family. In its current state, the home was labelled a tear down, as often these days homes and buildings in need of refurbishment and modernization often […]

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The Tiny House Trend in Thunder Bay?

You’ve probably noticed the new trend that seems to be sweeping across television and social media channels everywhere; it’s called The Tiny House trend, and the focus is on Tiny Living- living in much smaller, more efficient spaces, where it’s all about a simpler more sustainable lifestyle. Tiny Houses are generally between 100- 400ft2 and […]

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Firewood 101; 3 Key Learnings in Heating a Home with Firewood

This past November, my Husband and I moved into a rural home that is heated primarily with a wood boiler system.  Having never burned wood to heat a home before, I would be lying if I said that we weren’t just a tad bit unsure as to what exactly to do, and how to do […]

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