The Tiny House Trend in Thunder Bay? - Danielle Wilson

The Tiny House Trend in Thunder Bay?

You’ve probably noticed the new trend that seems to be sweeping across television and social media channels everywhere; it’s called The Tiny House trend, and the focus is on Tiny Living- living in much smaller, more efficient spaces, where it’s all about a simpler more sustainable lifestyle.

Tiny Houses are generally between 100- 400ft2 and come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, colours and forms, sure to suit anyone from the sleek modernist to the woodsy/outdoorsy type.

Proponents of the tiny house movement are enjoying more financial freedom, simpler lifestyles, and much more time to truly focus on the things that they enjoy in life.  Imagine how much less maintenance, repairs, and cleaning would be involved in caring for a tiny home.

Have I come across a tiny home in my travels in Thunder Bay as yet?  No, not yet, but I can honestly say that I truly believe that it won’t be too much longer before we are seeing the odd tiny house crop up here and there in our beautiful landscape.  Where would I expect to see them first?  Well, I think that the tiny house trend is very well suited to an urban agricultural lifestyle.  I see it appealing to minimalist millennials, singles, baby boomers looking to downsize and simplify, and really just about anyone looking to escape the rat race that life has a tendency to become.

Could you live in a tiny house?  I think that I could.  A tiny lifestyle at this point in my life would require a huge amount of downsizing, but those that generally say that purging the ‘stuff’ feels great, and can be quite liberating.

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