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What is an Irrevocable Period in Real Estate?

What exactly is an Irrevocable Period in Real Estate?  As Real Estate Agents, we use the term all the time, but most Buyers and Sellers are likely not entirely sure exactly what this ‘irrevocable period’ is. Simply explained, the irrevocable period of an offer is the time during which that offer can no longer be changed […]

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Selling Your Thunder Bay Investment Property

Are you thinking of selling your Thunder Bay Investment Property?  There are a few things that you will want to know, to help you get organized to list your properties for sale.  The more organized you are with information from the onset, the more attractive your listing will be to other investor buyers. Selling your […]

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Buying a House in Thunder Bay after an Open House

So, you are considering buying a house in Thunder Bay, and you went through an Open House this weekend, and you loved the house, and now you want to buy it- what do you do next?  For many home buyers who have not yet sat down with a Real Estate Agent to discuss the process of […]

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Unexpected Aspects of Buying a Home

There are many unexpected things that can crop up when buying a home.  There is an abundance of rules, contracts and paperwork that sets out how things are supposed to go, but we all know that many times, in all aspects of our lives, things rarely go as planned or how they are ‘supposed to go’. […]

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Flocking For a Good Cause! A Fun Fundraiser

Thunder Bay’s Hill City Kinsmen are off to a great start with their annual Flocking Fundraiser in support of Our Kids Count.  For a minimum donation of $40, the Hill City Flocking Team will adorn someone’s yard with 40 Pink Flamingos!  Amid the Flamingos there will be a sign saying ‘You’ve Been Flocked’. For those […]

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