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Moving to Thunder Bay? 10 Reasons you'll LOVE it

Moving to Thunder Bay? 10 Reasons You’ll LOVE it!

Are you moving to Thunder Bay Ontario but you don’t know anything about the City, aside from a few basic details? Are you feeling stressed about the move, not knowing what to expect when you get here? Well STOP stressing, because in this blog post, I am going to share with you 10 reasons why […]

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Real Estate Market Update

Real Estate Market Update; Thunder Bay March 2022

This is the Thunder Bay Real Estate Market Update for March of 2022; Intense, Heated, Extremely Competitive. Multiple Offers, Offer Holdbacks, Extended Irrevocable Periods. You’ve heard the hype… The Thunder Bay housing market is pretty heated!   This Spring is looking similar to the 2021 housing market where we experienced a lack of housing inventory […]

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Costs to Consider Moving to a Rural Home

Moving to a Rural Home; Extra Costs to Consider

Have you decided you would love to move to the country, BUT, you are also concerned about the extra costs to consider when moving to a rural home?  Well, stop stressing!   In this blog post, I outline the most common extra expenses that living in the country entails, so that you can get back […]

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My Favourite Rural Areas in Thunder Bay

Have you decided that you would LOVE to move to a rural area in Thunder Bay, BUT… you just aren’t entirely sure which rural community would best suit your needs?   In this blog post, I am going to share with you my 5 favourite rural communities and what people love most about them, so that […]

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Living in the Country; What I Love and Hate

Living in the Country; What I LOVE and HATE

Does the thought of living in the country seem super appealing, BUT…  you’re just not entirely sure if you’re ready to step away from the conveniences that City life offers? In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of my absolute favourite things about country life, as well as some of […]

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