Living in Current River

Why I’m a Current River Girl

Well, I’ve lived in Thunder Bay for 13 years now, and of those 13 I would say a good 10 have been in Current River.  I guess you could say I’m a Current River Girl.  I love it over in this neck of the woods; it just feels like home.

One of the things that I love most about living in Current River is the huge number of walking trails that we have access to.  Every day I walk my 2 jack russell terriers and we have so many choices as to where we’re going to go.  Down Hodder, back around Strathcona, and in behind Strathcona along the trail by the tracks if it’s a lazy day.  Sometimes we go down to the old Smurfit Stone mill and then back to the former Cascades mill.  Usually we see deer (I need to hold the leashes tight), sometimes fox, a couple of times we’ve been skunked, and usually once a year we have a bear encounter.  The dogs seem to regard the bear with intense respect and then simple disregard.  We just move along.  Other days we take the ten minute walk down to Boulevard Lake for a quick swim for the dogs, or a hike along Trowbridge.  I also enjoy walks in Waddington Park, where we always see deer by the ball fields, and geese too of course.

I love that I can zip into Skafs and grab some groceries in no time, stop in at Strathcona Variety to mail my letters and cards, and pick up a prescription at Shoppers;  all this in less than 15 minutes.

At one time, I had a bit of an addiction to the fast food at the Hodder Greek, and sometimes I still pick up a pizza at Angelo’s, though for the most part I try to eat healthy.  I always grab a coffee at Robin’s on the way to the Office.

I think I just appreciate the simplicity of Current River living.  Those who live here do as well, and most that grew up in Current River seem to want to move back.  I’d love to hear what you enjoy most about living in Current River!

This week, I listed a fantastic 3 bedroom ‘Current River Special’; the 1.5 Storey War Time Home.  The family that lives there is just simply out of space, and are looking for a larger bungalow, preferably in- you guessed it!  Current River.  You can check out their listing by clicking here, and feel free to spread the word if you know of someone who is looking to buy a great house in Current River!  At the same time, if you know of someone who is thinking of selling a larger 3 bedroom bungalow in Current River, feel free to refer them over!


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