Highest Ranked Schools in Thunder Bay

Highest Ranked Schools in Thunder Bay

One of the biggest concerns that young families have when they are moving either to Thunder Bay from another area, or moving within Thunder Bay to a new home, is where they should buy a home in order to ensure that their children will be attending a great school.  It is undeniable that the Thunder Bay school catchment area, and how that Thunder Bay school ranks, has a direct influence on the perception of the neighbourhood, and in turn, real estate.  You’ve heard it time and again; Location is Everything!

I know that sometimes, the criteria that makes a school great can be a matter of perspective and personal experiences, everything ranging from extra curricular activities, classroom size, caring teachers and staff, and so much more.

The Fraser Institute publishes a ‘report card’ that is a reflection of how a school is doing academically in comparison to other schools.  I think this can be a helpful tool for families that are moving into an area, and have questions about which school their children will be going to.

Most recently, the top 10 ranked Thunder Bay elementary schools, as per the Fraser Institute are as follows;

  1. Corpus Christi
  2. Holy Family
  3. St. Bernard
  4. Nor’Wester View
  5. St. Francis
  6. St. Paul
  7. Holy Cross
  8. St. Margaret
  9. St. Thomas Aquinas
  10. St. Pius X

Interestingly enough, with the exception of Nor’Wester View, all of these schools fall under the jurisdiction of the Catholic School Board, and they range in ranking from a 7.0 to a 7.7.  More information can be seen by clicking HERE.

Thunder Bay secondary schools are ranked as follows;

  1. St. Ignatius
  2. Hammarskjold
  3. St. Patrick
  4. Sir Winston Churchill
  5. Superior CVI
  6. Westgate

More information can be seen HERE.

Parents may also be interested in browsing through the information located on the Thunder Bay Catholic School Board website, as well as the Thunder Bay Public School Board website.  Transportation information can be found by clicking HERE.

Ultimately, picking the best Thunder Bay school for your child to attend is a highly personal choice, with many different criteria and influencers playing a role.




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