Fine Tuning Your Home Search In Thunder Bay

Fine Tuning Your Home Search

The Thunder Bay Real Estate market is crazier than ever, and houses are moving faster than ever and usually in multiple offer situations.  Buyers that are waiting for Saturday and Sunday Open Houses to check out the properties that they are interested in risk losing out.  In Thunder Bay, it’s more important now than ever to partner with a Real Estate Agent that can fine tune your home search for you so that when that perfect home pops up, it doesn’t just slip away.

At this point, I am very familiar with what is on the market in each category of price, style, and neighbourhood, which properties are extremely hot and in danger of slipping away, which ones are holding back offers, and which ones have been sitting for a while.

Most of the Buyers that I am working with are very computer savy; they can navigate MLS, do their own google searches, and sift through all those Kijiji adds.  Those tools are great, they are just not as effective as the ones that we as Realtors use to narrow down the search.  The data that we access is live and completely up to date while the MLS is about 24 hours behind, and unfortunately by that time the good stuff is gone.

I can use our system to narrow down the search by neighbourhood, to include properties with 3 bedrooms and not 2, 2 bathrooms and not 1, full basements as opposed to dug-outs and crawl spaces, to include a garage, and even to include at least 1 acre but less than 10.  I can then create a unique Buyer profile based on those criteria, and set it up so that the instant a property within those criteria comes on the market it is emailed to the Buyer and we can set up a viewing.

Every morning I start my day by reviewing Client profiles and sending them additional information and listings that may be a good fit but may also be outside of what they initially thought would be the best or most ideal fit.  Sometimes I need to think outside of the box to meet a Client’s needs.  It’s all about being diligent and flexible.

As soon as I log onto the system, I can see how many and which homes were listed in Thunder Bay within the last 24 hours, what sold and at what price, what is sitting with conditional offers in place, if those offers can be bumped, what has come back on the market after an initial offer fell apart, and which homes have reduced in price.

The tools that I have as a Realtor are really quite amazing, and are available to me everywhere I go throughout the day on both my Iphone and Ipad, so that I am constantly fine tuning the home search for my Clients.  The Clients that I work with don’t wait for Saturday and Sunday Open Houses to find their perfect home; we are out everyday honing our search and tracking their dream home.

A fine tuned home search is one of the most important steps in finding your home.  If that sounds like something that you would be interested in learning more about, or if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or send me an email and we can start fine tuning your home search!


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