Thunder Bay Centennial Botanical Conservatory - Danielle Wilson

Thunder Bay Centennial Botanical Conservatory

With all of the snow and cold that we have experienced over the last couple of days, I decided to head to the Thunder Bay Botanical Conservatory to soak up some warmth and relax amongst the beautiful foliage and dream about Spring.  If you are new to Thunder Bay, or just coming for a visit, or even if you live here but have never been, I highly encourage you to stop in for a visit.

You can read more about the Conservatory by clicking ‘here’.

The Thunder Bay Conservatory is a lovely place to spend a bit of quiet time- small nooks feature park benches tucked amongst tropical trees with fairy lights, plump lemons, glossy foliage, and the odd punch of vibrant colour and texture.  The sound of trickling water soothes the soul, and if you’re feeling lucky, throw a penny into the wishing pond, and make a wish.

Many Wedding Ceremonies have taken place in this gorgeous setting, and it is also a popular location for wedding photographs.

Outside, the grounds are beautifully landscaped and feature both perennial and pollinator gardens, shade trees, and picnic benches.  Consider taking your lunch here, and having a bit of quiet time in the midst of your day.

While I was there, I took a few photographs; I hope that you enjoy them.


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