The Rental Scam - Danielle Wilson

The Rental Scam

The Rental Scam- it’s made its way to Thunder Bay.

Within the last year we are seeing more listings that are listed for sale being falsely advertised as for rent, as part of a rental scam.

The scammers advertise listed properties that are for sale as though they are for rent.   This is an attempt to draw in unsuspecting Tenants.  They ask for a rent deposit, and then disappear once the funds are received.

Prospective Tenants are then out their hard earned money AS WELL as having no place to live.

Signs that you might be dealing with a rental scam could be;

  • Deals that seem too good to be true.
  • A Landlord that is evasive about meeting in person.
  • A Landlord that is insistent on receiving funds via e transfer.
  • Not being permitted to view the rental unit for any reason prior to sending a deposit.

If you feel that you are dealing with a rental scam- you can report it to the local police.

Home owners who have their homes listed for sale can also set up a google alert of their address to monitor for potential scam activity.

Realtors should also report to the local police for directions when one of their listings are being falsely advertised for rent as a part of a rental scam.






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