How to Sell Your House Tip #1- Get it Ready! - Danielle Wilson

How to Sell Your House Tip #1- Get it Ready!

Knowing how to sell your house is an important component in actually getting your house sold.

We as Realtors are very familiar with the process. At times it is easy to forget that home sellers may not be familiar with the little details that help facilitate a sale.

The most important, #1 Tip that often gets overlooked, as far as I have noticed of late, is that Sellers do need to take positive actions to get their house ready to sell.

What action items specifically am I referring to?

Here is a bulleted list of very important items that should not be overlooked.  You only have one chance to make a first impression- don’t mess it up.

To- Do List; AKA How to Sell Your House

  • Sweep up debris from walkways and stairways, paying particular attention to the entrance of the home.
  • Lawn must be cut and trimmed, hedges and flower beds should be neat and tidy.  Leaves should be raked up.
  • Windows need to be clean.
  • Front door really does need to be in good repair.  If the paint is old and peeling, sand it and repaint it.
  • All garbages should be empty.  Buyers don’t want to see a big wad of hair in the bathroom garbage can, nor do they want to see used tissues.
  • Toilets absolutely must be flushed, and clean.  Put lid down for showings and certainly don’t leave the seat up.
  • Bathroom should be scoured- all surfaces sparkling clean and fresh, mirror clean.
  • Kitchen- also needs to be clean- use something like comet to scour the sinks- they should sparkle.  Wipe down cupboards and countertops.  Clean stove and fridge- no greasy residue or crumbs.  Also wipe down table and chairs and wash floors.
  • Bedrooms- Beds should be made, laundry baskets empty, floors free of mess such as piles of dirty clothing.
  • Floors washed and carpets vacuumed, throughout the house.
  • Walls washed.

Additional Tips for Pet Owners;

  • Clean up pet waste from the backyard.
  • Clean kitty litter- sometimes this requires a complete dump and refill.
  • Pet food and water bowls should be sparkling clean and filled with nice fresh water.  Do not leave yesterdays wet food mess stuck to bowls in clumps of grossness.  (Thank you)
  • Pet placemats should be wiped clean.
  • Pet beds and crate mats washed.
  • Vacuum furniture so that it is free of pet hair.
  • DNPs wiped from windows (Pet owners will know what I’m referring too).

These tips may seem obvious, but I am finding quite often lately that much of this is not done prior to showings or open houses.

Sellers do need to take positive and contributive actions of their own to help in the sale of their home.

Buyers do in fact make quick judgements based on cleanliness of a home and clutter.


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