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Thunder Bay Real Estate- A Business of Busyness

Of the many types of Sales careers that I have worked in, I must say that Real Estate is probably one of the busiest, especially during Spring and Fall Market in Thunder Bay.  There is simply so much to do.  A typical day most often extends far beyond the traditional 9-5. What do we do all day, you might be wondering?!

Well, Buyers want to see houses, there are offers to write, listing presentations and then listing prep, open houses, finding houses, advertising, networking, searching the multiple listings, seeking out the exclusive listings that might otherwise be missed, checking out private sales for our buyer clients to make sure again that nothing is missed.  Writing more offers, losing offers, winning offers, offer presentations, paperwork, home inspections, more paperwork, client meetings, website maintenance, blogging, professional development, and more!  Oh, and a bit more paperwork.  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Real Estate Agents are connecters, listeners, negotiators, councillors, fix it uppers, home decor stagers, professional multi- taskers and much more.  Most of us thrive on being busy, and we enjoy the challenge of a business that is constantly changing and evolving!

At the core of this Real Estate Business of Busy-ness lies the Client, the Customer, or the Buyer, the Seller, the Mom of 3 who works full time and is trying to buy a home to raise her children in, the young couple eager to start a life together in their first home, the retired couple looking to downsize.

We must never forget that we are never too busy to remember that our actions or inactions affect these people who lie at the core of our Business.  Without our Clients, this Business would simply not be possible.  Please remember that when you refer to being ‘too busy’ for the simple things that comprise the day to day goings of the life of a Realtor.


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