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This Home is For Sale; Let me Share a Story

This Home is For Sale.  There are many components of a process that lead up to that statement.  Many tangible, many not so much.  The obvious steps leading up to the For Sale Sign on the lawn; the decision to sell, finding the right Realtor to entrust your largest asset with, pricing and marketing strategy discussions, listing preparations, paperwork, and much more.  For someone looking at the process and the end result from an outside view, it’s easy to forget about the not so tangible elements behind that sign.

This Home is For Sale;  let me share with you a story.

I met with the kindest family not long ago.  I met them at their family home; their father had built this home, long ago, when he was a young man with many dreams, a family on the way, and many years of life ahead.  Pride shone in their eyes as they walked me through their home, sharing little quips of what life had been like growing up in this home.  Memories shared, their eyes reflecting great love, happiness and sadness.  We gazed at the gorgeous apple trees lining the drive, chatting about how they have grown over the years, about how they played in the backyard, gardened and had chickens.  We talked about how they grew up in this home, how their children have lived in this home at times, and how they have even had their grandchildren live in this home.  It’s not been an easy decision by any means.  Much like parting with an old and cherished friend.  They are hopeful that a young family will move in, and that their children will also enjoy playing in the backyard.

This Home is For Sale; let me share with you another story.

I met with a couple, elderly, not the typical picture you paint of a first time home buyer.  This couple left long lasting memories that I will always hold within.  They had grown up in the Residential School System, together, having had their names taken away and been assigned ‘numbers’ instead.  Years later, they were married, and always had a dream of home ownership, which finally, very late in life, they were able to achieve.  I was so very pleased for them and wished for many years of happiness in their new home.  Unfortunately it was not to be, and not long later, this home will be for sale.  Life changes in unexpected ways.

I am always so very grateful for the people that I meet through this business- they all leave lasting impressions with me, and I learn something from each and every one of them.  It’s not a business of ‘numbers’, ‘closings’, ‘ends’ and ‘leads’, it’s a business of connecting with others, holding their dreams close, and leading the way.

Never forget that there is always a story, a dream, a beginning or an end, and always a winding road, behind each For Sale sign that you see.

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