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RE/MAX Accessible Trick or Treating Program

Trick or Treating should be something that is accessible by all children.

Imagine as a child navigating the neighbourhood, with cautious excitement, in search of the few houses where stairs, narrow pathways, and crowded entrances didn’t impose barriers to enjoying and partaking in the Halloween spirit.

Approximately 400,000 Canadian Children live with accessibility issues on a daily basis that can make Trick or Treating a challenging and discouraging task.

There isn’t a child out there that deserves to be left behind while their friends freely run up the stairs from house to house trick or treating.

In 2018 RE/MAX helped to launch the Accessible Trick or Treating Program, where homeowners could pledge to take part by putting a sign in their yard and handing out treats from the end of their driveway or accessible garage.

Let’s make Halloween 2019 another fun year for ALL children.

You can pick up your Treat Accessible yard sign for FREE at our local Home Depot starting on October 20th.

These signs will be available at all Home Depot Canada locations, excluding Quebec.

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