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How to Declutter a Home to Get it Ready to Sell

How to declutter a home to get it ready to sell?

When meeting with seller clients for the first time, I am frequently asked this question.

They want to know what in particular they should remove to help their home show at its best.

We all know that open, decluttered spaces are more appealing than spaces that appear smaller because of clutter.

So- what would I consider ‘clutter’?

How do you declutter a home when it’s time to sell?

Which items should be removed?

How to Declutter a Home to Sell Action Plan

The following are some items that I discuss with potential clients as items that might best be removed and put into storage;

  • non essential items on counter tops-  and if you have many non essential items on your counter tops, consider putting them in a cupboard and pulling them out just for use.
  • extra things on bathroom vanities and shelves- put away all personal items.
  • knick knacks on shelves, coffee tables etc.
  • personal photographs in frames or on walls
  • excessive house plants
  • extra chairs, ottomans, end tables or oversized furniture
  • doilies or fussy placemats

The above list is very general, and I always find that each persons home is unique.

As a result, the ‘declutter conversation’ is a bit different for each home that I visit.

It is important to remember that each of our living spaces reflect our unique circumstances and are tailored to meet our needs.

It is OK to have a space that may appear cluttered to an outsider but is fulfilling our own unique needs.

On a Side Note

It is also important to know that cluttered houses do sell.  Especially under certain market conditions.

In Conclusion

Decluttering is an excellent idea for Sellers that want and CAN go the extra mile in preparing their home for sale.

Please reach out if you would like assistance in planning how to declutter your home to get it ready to sell.

I am happy to help!

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