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5 Tips to Help your Home Sell Quickly

If you are getting ready to list your home for sale, there are definitely some small but impactful things that you can do to help your home sell quickly.

In addition to the critical importance of having the right pricing and marketing strategy right from the get go, there are 5 areas of improvement that I have found to be quite impactful when wanting your home to sell quickly.

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Buyers are generally drawn to clean and modern looking spaces- spending time and investing a bit of money into small but modern upgrades can be very helpful to ensuring a quick sale.

Tip 1:  Fresh Paint

Fresh paint can go a long ways to refreshing a space and making it feel more modern.  Always a great resource- check out Benjamin Moore’s Colour trends of 2019.

Tip 2:  Minimal is More

Definitely spend time eliminating clutter and extra ‘things’.  Prospective Buyers can appreciate a space more when their eyes are drawn to clean lines and open space.  Particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, clutter can really detract from the overall aesthetic of the space.

Tip 3:  Upgraded Kitchen

Making upgrades in the kitchen is always a smart choice.  An updated kitchen can make a home look brand new- consider updating cabinetry, counter tops and flooring if possible.  If you are on a budget, a fresh coat of paint on worn cabinets can be an amazing thing, and updating hardware can also be very helpful.  Lately I have also noticed that Buyers are drawn to sleek and modern appliances.

Tip 4:  Smart Home Technology

While a little out of my realm of knowledge, I have also noticed that Buyers are enthused by ‘smart’ upgrades- such as smart lights, thermostats, security, remote temperature monitoring etc.

Tip 5:  The Big Two

If either your shingles or furnace are approaching 20 years, consider replacing them.  Buyers are generally pretty aware of what their budgets are going to look like for the next few years after making a major purchase such as a home, and if they have to start factoring in big expenditures such as a furnace or shingles, it can definitely slow down the sale of your home.  A note about furnaces- I don’t recommend renting a furnace as it has a detrimental impact on price when you are selling.

Focusing on improvements in these 5 areas will definitely help you to sell your home more quickly, and will even help increase the selling price of your home, above what you spent on the improvements.

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