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Backyard Chickens in Thunder Bay

Backyard chickens in Thunder Bay- Say What?!

The City of Thunder Bay is currently in the process of reviewing the by-law that prohibits the keeping of backyard chickens within the City of Thunder Bay.  If amended, the keeping of backyard chickens within city limits may soon become legal.  Such an amendment would of course come with regulations that would limit any negative impacts to neighbouring properties and residents.

The Thunder Bay and Area Food Strategy in conjunction with Eco Superior have been fundamental in providing excellent resources towards the development of this initiative.  The Food Strategy has put together an informational website which can be accessed by clicking here, as well as a very informative flyer with some great tips for anyone interested in learning more about backyard chickens in Thunder Bay and the current by-laws,  which can be accessed here.

From a Real Estate perspective, people often wonder if neighbouring backyard chickens will negatively impact the value of ones property.  In my opinion, this should not be a concern.  By-laws are amended with great care and in this case, great consideration into the potential impact of backyard chickens to neighbouring properties.  Regulations will be introduced to promote cleanliness, aesthetic value, and peacefulness.

If anything, backyard chickens within Thunder Bay may help to build a stronger sense of community and neighbourhood.  Many people find chickens to be quite interesting, actually.  There are many different breeds, ranging from heritage to fancy, and bantam to heavy. There are deep brown egg layers, white egg layers, light green to olive shades, blue and pink.  Having your own chickens can be quite relaxing, very interesting and even entertaining at times.  Backyard chickens go hand in hand with gardening, and who wouldn’t enjoy viewing creative chicken coops amongst the artistic landscape of a garden tour?  Backyard chicken coops could well become the next best thing to The Little Library Trend in Thunder Bay.  You Never Know!

Soon, Backyard Chicken Coops in a variety of colours and styles could be gracing the Thunder Bay MLS in ways never imagined before!


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