A Handy Tip for Winter Sellers - Danielle Wilson

A Handy Tip for Winter Sellers

Now that winter is truly here in Thunder Bay, and we are all up to our eyeballs in snow, I have a handy tip for Sellers who have their homes listed.  Invest in a nice, thick, good sized entranceway mat.  It should be large enough to hold at least 4-5 pairs of winter boots, and thick enough to be nicely absorbent.  People are walking in with slush, snow, and salt laden boots- and often times for showings, there’s the showing agent, the clients, and maybe even a friend or parent along for the viewing.  Many times, showings are booked one after another in an effort to clump viewings together into a smaller time frame.  This means lots of moisture getting tracked in.  It’s almost unavoidable, and if there isn’t a nice thick mat there to pick it up, people are going to step in the puddle of water that forms and track it throughout your house.

If you’re scheduled for an Open House, and the weather is particularly nasty, consider leaving a mop and bucket tucked discreetly away, or some absorbent towelling so that your Agent can keep things tidy around the mat.  I have often shaken a mat outside after an Open House- so the type that rolls up and is easily shaken out is best.

If you follow this easy to implement, handy tip, you will find that your home will stay much cleaner during and after showings.

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