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Updating your Thunder Bay Home

Getting a Dated Home Ready for Sale in Thunder Bay

Are you currently in the position of trying to get a dated home ready for sale in Thunder Bay?  Maybe you’re trying to do it on a tight budget, and maybe within a tight timeline.  There are some relatively easy solutions that will definitely make a huge impact in how a dated home is perceived by potential buyers once it’s listed for sale.  A home in need of many updates will definitely pose challenges in terms of saleability, which in turn will impact the selling price.  Many of us have faced the time when we’ve had to get an older loved ones home ready for sale.  It’s certainly a daunting task with no shortage of tasks that need to be completed.  It’s often not only physically challenging as we try to fit all that needs to be done into an already busy schedule, but also emotionally draining.

In terms of trying to give the home a more updated feel, I would suggest incorporating the following tasks into your ‘to do list’;

  • Remove old and dated furnishings and belongings, and thoroughly clean everything- this really is the key starting point.  It’s difficult to assess where you are at and what needs to be done until the house is virtually empty, and everything is sparkly clean.  It’s amazing how refreshed a room can appear when older, dated furnishings have been removed.
  • Assess what needs to be repaired, and have the furnace serviced if it is due.  Small repairs should absolutely be tackled- leaky faucets, leaking pipes, electrical issues etc- those should most definitely be repaired because they will impact the price that any buyer is willing to pay.
  • A fresh coat of neutral paint will give you your biggest return, and will have a massive impact on making a home appear to be more updated.  Removing an old border can have an equal impact.
  • Replace dated light fixtures.  You don’t have to spend a fortune, just buy simple fixtures to replace those dated brass swinging 60’s chandelier type ones, or those hollywood style bathroom types.  You know what I’m talking about.
  • Remove old and worn carpeting if there is hardwood underneath.  You don’t have to re finish the hardwood, but I can tell you for sure that prospective buyers would much rather see the old hardwood floors than the dated, worn carpet.
  • Remove any window coverings that are not white and fairly light weight.  Paint windowsills if needed, and replace the window coverings with light white sheers, light blinds etc.
  • Remove the old shower curtain in the bathroom, and replace with something more modern, and add matching carpets and hand towels.
  • Repairs at the front entranceway are also key- if the door is in poor shape, consider replacing it.
  • Tackle some quick yard maintenance- cut the lawn, tidy up any flower gardens or perennial beds, rake up leaves etc.  Add a nice pot of flowers at the entranceway if it is season appropriate.

By prioritizing these relatively simple and cost effective suggestions into your attempt to update a dated home you will definitely be increasing the homes saleability and the influencing buyer perception of the home in a positive manner.



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