Who are you Taking your Real Estate Advice From?

Who are you taking your Real Estate advice from?

One of the most valuable pieces of real estate advice that I would give to any first time or second time home buyer is to really consider who you are taking your advice from.

It is natural to talk with our families, friends and co workers about the things that are going on in our lives.  Purchasing a home is likely something that if it is on our radar, we are talking about it with the people that we know.

During these chats, it is also likely that we will be listening to many many pieces of hopefully well intentioned but not necessarily in our best interest types of real estate advice.

My recommendation would be to take your advice from the professionals that work every day in the Real Estate space.

Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Advisors, Home Inspectors, and Insurance Brokers are all well versed in what today’s space looks like.  These professionals can share with you knowledge based advice that will be in your best interest and will help you to meet your goals without feeling disappointment along the way.


Ultimately, your Real Estate Team will have your best interests in mind when they are imparting advice.

Aunt Edna and Uncle Jim likely also have your very best interests at heart when they are sharing advice, but realistically speaking, they may not necessarily be pointing you along the easiest path.

When it comes to real estate advice, listen to the Professionals that work every day in that space.


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