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The Perfect Time to Buy in Real Estate

The Perfect Time to Buy in Real Estate.

That sounds like really wonderful thing, doesn’t it?

There is something comforting about believing that there is a perfect time to buy a house.

And, a perfect time to sell a house.

I have a few thoughts regarding timing in real estate that might be of interest to you.  Especially if you are waiting for the perfect time to buy, or, the perfect time to sell.

Since we have been focusing on helping our First Time Home Buyers this January, I am going to focus on buying in this blog post.

Is There a Perfect Time to Buy a House?

Over the years, I have worked with many buyers who really wanted to buy a home.  These Buyers were definitely qualified to buy a home, but spent years waiting for the ‘perfect time’ to actually buy that home.

I have spent much time thinking about what it is about some buyers that propels them forward through the home purchase process while others seem to get stuck in the realm of ‘perfection’.

What is Perfection?

Perfection is many things, but in my opinion, perfectionism often protects our sense of security and routine, and when split into smaller pieces might possibly at the root maybe be just a tiny bit of procrastination and a love for all things within our comfort zone.

How does Perfection relate to Real Estate?

Does a tendency towards perfectionism tend to mean that we wait for ‘perfect timing’ to accomplish many of our goals?  I think it’s a really important question to consider.  When it comes to buying a home, it is definitely worth evaluation.

Because buying a home is likely to be one of the largest and most complex transactions that you will ever complete in your life, it can also be very hard to move outside of our comfort zones to take the necessary steps to accomplish that goal.

These are completely normal feelings!  Buying a home is a BIG DEAL.  No doubt about that!

In my opinion, there is seldom a ‘perfect time’ to buy or sell real estate.

There are just too many constantly changing factors involved.

The Perfect time to Buy Real Estate is Now

I really want you to know that the best time to buy your first home, or even your second home is now.

Go through the steps that will prepare you to get started in the process, and then, get started!

I really and honestly mean that.  I know it’s scary, and I’m here to help.  Honestly and truly.

Sometimes when we wait too long, it never happens.

Home Prices continue to increase.  What often happens is that a buyer that may have been qualified to buy a nice home with much of what they were looking for 5 years ago, is no longer able to purchase that same home 5 years later within their budget.

Or, measuring it up against your yardstick of perfection that by the time a decision is made, another buyer has purchased the home.

The perfect time to buy, is now.




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