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Spring Market 2016- Action Items for Buyers

Spring Market 2016 is literally just around the corner.  The days are getting a heck of a lot warmer, the snow is melting, and on the weekends, Buyers have begun showing up to Open Houses in droves!  Sure signs that we are on the cusp of another busy Spring Market.  If you are a First Time Home Buyer just entering the market for the first time, Spring Market can be a complete Game Changer.  Buyers who successfully navigate Spring Market are two things; PROACTIVE and ORGANIZED.

I believe that Spring Market of 2016 will bring with it the return of multiple offers and specific offer dates and times for homes within the 150-250K range particularly.  Most affected will be updated homes in desirable areas, as it appears that Buyers in this category are really drawn to the more updated listings, which continue to be at a shortage ESPECIALLY within this price range.  We have begun to see very rapid movement with homes within this range;  in the last 2 weeks there have been several that have received offers within a day or two of being listed.

2 Critical Action Items to Complete BEFORE Spring Market;

  • Because houses within this Category will continue to be in short demand, it will be absolutely critical that you have your mortgage pre approval all lined up so that if you want to put in an offer, you are ready to go!  Book an appointment with a Mortgage Specialist NOW, and you will be a huge step ahead of the many other Buyers.
  • DON’T WAIT FOR OPEN HOUSES!  This is really really important!  Great listings don’t last the week it may take to get to Open House time.  Working with a Buyer Agent is the best way to get the scoop on hot properties, BEFORE THE OPEN HOUSE.  Don’t forget that there are many other Buyers out there looking for the exact same type of house that you are looking for, and I guarantee you that their Agent is booking a viewing appointment for them THE MINUTE that listing hits the Hot Sheets.

By being proactive in just these two areas, you will be setting yourself up to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of Spring Market.  Combining proactive tasks with an organized strategy will guarantee success.

2 Critical Organizational Strategies to Adopt DURING Spring Market;

  • Have your Buyer Agent set you up with an automated notification system that will alert you to new Listings that meet your criteria, THE INSTANT that they come on the Market.
  • Have a system that you use DAILY to make sure that you don’t miss these leads.  Perhaps it’s checking your email 3 times daily for updates, or having your email come to your mobile device so that you don’t miss anything.  There is nothing more dismaying to your Agent than hearing that you missed out on a listing because you didn’t check your email, or because the lead is sitting in your Spam Folder.  Of course, an awesome Agent will phone you to make sure that you haven’t missed anything particularly appealing.

Incorporating critical organizational strategies with a proactive mindset, and partnering with a Buyer Agent that you can trust and also that you enjoy working with will ensure a seamless transition into your new home.

If you are curious as to how I can help you with this process, or are interested in learning more about buying a home in Thunder Bay, click HERE.







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