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Speed Viewings and Your Listing

Speed Viewings; if you’ve ever had a home listed for sale on the Real Estate Market, you likely know exactly what I’m referring to when I say ‘speed viewings’, and like most Sellers, you were probably left feeling maybe just a little bit miffed if you noticed just how quickly the Buyers and their Real Estate Agent, or just the Real Estate Agent on their own, flew through your home.  There are probably a few things that you should know about speed viewings- namely, that they aren’t meant as a slight, and that even though the viewing was conducted quite quickly, pertinent information was in fact obtained and processed.  The truth is, there are a few key factors that Buyers are looking for that enable them to make a quick decision during a viewing as to whether your home will work for them, or not.


Perhaps one of the easiest things to determine at quick glance is if the layout, or flow of the home, will even work for what a particular Buyer had in mind.  I have brought Clients into a home, and literally after about 3 minutes have had them say, ‘this layout just won’t work’.  It may seem harsh, but if the layout won’t work, there really isn’t much point in continuing with the viewing.


Yes, it probably sounds corny, but yes, it’s true.  Every home has a vibe, and many Buyers are tuned into it.  If the home just doesn’t feel right, they’re going to know it almost immediately.  I feel like lighting and natural light fits into this category as well.  Some Buyers are very sensitive about the presence of natural light within a home, and if it’s not there, it’s just not.


The second factor that seems to enable Buyers to make quick decisions is the amount of updates that a home has.  Just like layout and flow, if a Buyer walks into a home that to them feels very dated, when they are preferring an updated home, they will most likely just take a quick walk through and then leave.


Similarly, if a Buyer walks into your home, and immediately feels that the condition of the home is not reflected in the price, they will usually just take a quick look around and move on to the next viewing.


Particularly critical with relocations, if I bring a relocation to your home, and we pull up, and they just don’t like the general feel of the neighbourhood, believe me when I say that it’s almost impossible to change their mind.  Time is critical with relocations, as usually there is a small timeframe to view numerous homes and ultimately they usually have to make a decision before they leave.  Often in this type of circumstance, we might be pulling up to the curb, and pulling away almost as quickly.

While speed viewings are really a daily part of the Real Estate process, if you are finding that you are noticing more speed viewings than not occurring at your listed home, it’s likely time to touch base with your Real Estate Agent for some critical feedback.  Usually if your Agent can delve a little deeper into the post showing feedback, you may find a common thread.  While you can’t do something about many of the factors that lead to speed viewings, some of them you can, and that’s when you should.


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