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Exterior Listing Photographs

Change your Exterior Listing Photographs in June

Here is an important tip for those Sellers who may have listed their homes in April or May, or even earlier.

Typically exterior listing photographs taken in the early Spring will have snow in them.  However, now that the snow is finally all gone, it’s time to update your exterior photographs.

Pictures are worth more than 1000 words particularly in Real Estate.

When Buyers are looking online at houses, they tend to scroll over the snow covered roofs and lawns in favour of freshly listed Spring homes with nice lawns and budding trees.

No one likes a stale house, and when the snow has been gone for weeks but your pictures still have snow in them, that is a key indicator that your house has been ‘sitting’ stale on the market for quite a few weeks.

Snowy pictures in the Spring tend to make most of us Agents wonder if the Seller really wants to sell or cares at all about how their home appears amongst more motivated competition.

We also wonder what their Agent is thinking.

So, if you are wanting to sell your house in the Spring Market, please make sure that your exterior listing photographs depict the Season.

For more tips for marketing and selling your home during Spring Market, please feel free to reach out today!  Spring is a great time to sell, and first impressions are generally last impressions in this market.




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