Perception IS Reality in Real Estate

An interesting thing that I have noted after showing many different properties of all sizes, categories, and price ranges is that once a Buyer forms a perception of a property, that perception very quickly becomes reality.  Oftentimes, that reality is nearly impossible to shake, once formed.  It becomes etched in a Buyers mind, forever impacting their ability to move forward and connect with that home in any meaningful way.

A well staged home helps Buyers to see a comfortable, attractive, and well cared for living space.  Home staging accentuates the positive while detracting from the negative.  A good Home Stager can create balance and a warm inviting atmosphere that will help differentiate your home from other similar properties available on the market.  When Buyers see a home that is beautifully staged, they often perceive there to be higher value in that property.  The higher perceived value most often translates into a higher selling price.

If you are considering listing your home for sale, I would be happy to meet with you to further discuss your staging needs.  I have developed some excellent contacts with whom I enjoy working with, and I am sure that you will too!

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