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My New Website Just Launched!

Pssst!  I have something very exciting to share with you!  After quite a few months of hard work and lots of brainstorming, I am finally ready to launch my new Thunder Bay Real Estate website.  The launch coincides with a fresh new ‘brand’, a fun monthly newsletter that I really hope you will look forward to receiving, as well as my much anticipated Real Estate Blog!

I began really thinking about what I needed to do to take my Thunder Bay real estate business to the next level about a year ago.  Some of the questions that were running through my mind were what were my Clients looking for in terms of real estate information, and how could I better provide them with all of the information and tools that they were looking for?  How were today’s tech savvy home-buyers and sellers conducting their searches, and how exactly were they finding their real estate agent, if not by word of mouth?

The answers to these questions continually brought me back to an understanding that today’s buyers and sellers are looking for their information on the Internet.  They are using Google to search out that perfect home, learn more about their real estate agent, and get tips on how best to sell their home.

My goal, with this new website, which was designed with you in mind, is to build on the same reliable and exceptional experience that you can expect when working with me, by adding an advanced level of web presence and to offer you a single source of information on both the buying and selling process in Thunder Bay, local real estate and market related information, community matters, and everything in between.  My goal is to keep you well informed AND entertained!

I started working with the great team over at artifakt Communications in December of 2012.  They were instrumental in helping me to define the ‘Danielle at your side’ brand, which is based on the various skill sets that I have developed throughout my experiences in Sales and Real Estate.  They then helped to design and build my entire website right from the ground up, leading to the launch of the website, a cool newsletter service, and a great new Blog that you can look to for everything new, exciting, informative, and sometimes controversial in the Thunder Bay real estate market!

I truly hope that you enjoy the final product as much as I have hoped that you would!  Check out the website here;, and do me a favor; bookmark my site, and check back often for updates, subscribe to my newsletter, and follow my Blog!  I would love to hear back from you, let me know what you think- your feedback and comments are always welcome!

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