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Buying a Home After a Break-Up

Buying a home after a break-up can be a very very difficult and emotionally wrought process.  So many dreams and so much love goes into purchasing your first home as a couple.  It is extremely difficult to depart from those dreams, on both a physical and emotional level.

Taking the time to reconnect with yourself as an individual and to really think about what is important to you in a new home will help you to avoid purchasing ‘The Rebound Home’  and will bring you closer to finding ‘The Right Home’.

The Right Home, while maybe lacking some of the grandiose of the Rebound Home, will bring you greater contentment over the long term, particularly once you add your own personal and finishing touches.

Some considerations and guidelines to keep in mind when buying a home after a break-up and when searching for the right home might be as follows;

  • Don’t compare new potential homes to your last home- doing so will foster negativity and resentment.  Approach each viewing with a fresh perspective and an open mind!  Keep in mind the impact that adding your own personal touches and sense of style will have.
  • Do be mindful and keenly aware of your budget.  Meet with a financial advisor to really take a look at what a realistic budget might look like for you.  Don’t be tempted to overstretch your means.
  • Really think about square footage, and how much you really need.  Larger homes carry larger maintenance and heating requirements, which will have to be accounted for in your budget.  Small spaces can be really quite lovely, and require MUCH LESS housecleaning.
  • Think about the possibility of buying a home with an income suite in the basement.  Having that extra income month after month can be a huge help and will also take a large chunk out of your mortgage in the long term.
  • Think about resale value- look for a home in a great area, something with cute curb appeal, something that you can make your own and that will appeal to others.  Think structure and layout, and think about the big things- age of shingles, age of furnace, have the windows been updated.  At least having the big things updated will give you time and space to get back on your feet before having to deal with major expenditures.
  • Carefully choose a Real Estate Agent to work with.  Make sure that it’s someone whom you feel comfortable working with.  Make sure that they really get you, the real you, and please don’t feel that you have to hide how you’re feeling about your home search.  It is a daunting process, and we understand that, completely.
  • Write your OWN story, and remember the journey!  Don’t compare yourself to others that have gone through a separation or divorce.  Everyone’s story is different, yours included.  This is your opportunity to create your own dreams- even though the journey will be difficult, try to savour it along the way.

In your new home, you will build new memories, cherished traditions, and of course, comfortable routines.  If you are currently going through a separation or divorce and are thinking of buying a home after a break-up, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  I would be honoured to help you.

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