Thunder Bay is a Coffee Town

Thunder Bay sure loves its coffee!

From trendy local coffee shops that feature amazing local brews, freshly baked pastries and nourishing soups, to local Roasteries- Thunder Bay has many, many options for those wanting a quality caffeine fix.

Being that March is caffeine awareness month, I thought it a great time to delve a bit deeper into the local caffeine scene and share some of my thoughts.

Over the next 5 weeks, every Friday I will be enjoying and then blogging about the following 5 local coffee shops;

If you are visiting Thunder Bay or if you live here, consider popping by one of our amazing local coffee shops.

If you are more of a ‘home brew’ person, then there are still MANY local options to enjoy- consider Wolfhead Coffee, Rose N Crantz, or St. Paul Roastery- you can read more about these locally roasted coffee’s, courtesy of Duncan Weller here.

So I am curious- what is YOUR favourite local coffee shop AND what is your favourite brew?  I will admit that I have a fond affection for Bulletproof Coffee and also love a Flat White.  I am not super fussy on super sweet sugary coffee, and I also enjoy a good strong espresso.





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